Turbo generators

One of the basic requests for turbo generator maintenance is providing a high operating reliability of the machine.
Timely determining of the physical status of particular machine parts, as well as the replacement in specific moments represent the basis of maintenance – servicing and ensuring of a high operating reliability.
Thermal power plants (using gas, coal or nuclear fuel) belong to a newer age, and therefore they are technologically and constructively more contemporary than hydroelectric power plants.
By the cooling medium used for cooling of turbo generators, we divide them to:

  • Air cooled generators 
  • Hydrogen cooled generators 
  • Water cooled generators 

The scope of maintenance is compatible to the size and the way of generator cooling. The basic MG SERVIS's approach is, along with emergency interventions, routine inspections and overhauls, to consider the generator status and determine the best quality solution for its safe operation and/or prolonged lifetime.

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MG SERVIS's business activities in the field of hydro generators are grouped as follows:

Routine inspection
Overhaul inspection
Generator operation monitoring