Routine inspection

Hydro generators are equipped with certain protections and measurings, depending on the level of technological development in the year of their production, which record the alterations in the course of operation. Routine inspections are performed every 1-2 years, depending on the operating hours and the conditions of operation. The routine inspection involves the evaluation of basic observations, changes in operation and measurings on the basic equipment.
It can be divided into:Pregled dogańĎaja u toku rada

  • Reviewing of the events in the course of operation
  • Inspection of the endwindings status
  • Inspection of the cooler and the cooling system status
  • Inspection of the brakes and the braking system status
  • Inspection of the slip ring status
  • Inspection of the ventilator status
  • Electrical tests

To perform such an inspection, it is necessary to disassemble a part of the winding cover and deflector.