Management system policy

MG SERVIS d.o.o. is committed to provide services respecting the corresponding internal and national standards and regulations and other requirements regarding quality, environment protection, health and safety of the workers employed.

For MG SERVIS d.o.o., fulfilling the Customer’s requests and observing the established standards in providing the services is an obligation of the greatest importance, therefore, planning and process managing according to the established procedures is carried out for each service.

The relations with the byers and the suppliers are to be based and maintained on mutual trust, particularly when the deadlines, specifications and requirements regarding quality, environment protection, health and safety are coordinated.

Professional qualification of workers will be carried out permanently, intended to increase quality and responsibility in executing their tasks.

With the purpose of permanent enhancement of service quality, environment protection, health and safety, we will be developing new technical and technological solutions, and after their adoption, we will accept them as new standard solutions. 

MG SERVIS d.o.o. maintains the management system establishing and permanently enhancing service quality, and through adoption and maintaining the environment protection standards, we will take care to minimize the environment pollution while performing our business activities.

By applying the requirements related to the health and safety standards OHSAS 18001:2007, MG SERVIS d.o.o. will permanently work on injury and illness prevention, as well as on safety of workers and all those working in the name of the company.

The international standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 require regular monitoring and evaluating the system of quality management, environment protection, health and safety, both, internally, and externally, performed by an organization authorized for certification. We will endeavour to save and defend the acquired acknowledgement, the certificate, in all subsequent checkups.

Management system evaluation will be performed at least once a year, and scheduled internal checkups will be the basis for undertaking corrective and preventive measures in further development of the integrated management system in the following period of time.

Periodic policy verification will ensure its permanent adequacy.

This policy is available to all interested parties, and is communicated to all those working for and in the name of MG SERVIS d.o.o.

In Zagreb, January 13th, 2017

Manager :
Tomislav Mikulić