Business activity

From the very establishing of the MG Servis company, its business orientation has been problem identification, cause identification and determination of the methods to solve them. Executing the field works, as well as parts manufacturing are entrusted to our highly qualified workers having years-long working experience in our business activities.

Basic operations

  • Manufacturing of parts of generators and high voltage motors
  • Welding works
  • Processing
  • Packaging
  • Winding insertion
  • Installation
  • Electrical tests
  • Mechanical tests
  • Commissioning
  • Personnel training


  • Servicing of turbo generators
  • Servicing of hydro generators
  • Servicing of high voltage motors
  • Servicing of direct-current machines


  • Refurbishment of turbo generators
  • Refurbishment of hydro generators
  • Refurbishment of energy plants


  • Design and supply of turbo generator equipment 
  • Design and supply of hydro generator equipment
  • Design and supply of equipment for energy plants