Projects in Iraq

MG SERVIS has been present on this specific market for years. Services and overhauls performed on power plants Hadita, Dokan Kurd, Al Qaim prove our capability of adapting to the market, and quality of the executed works is the guarantee for future tasks.

No. Structure Customer Power Voltage (V) Manufacturer Description
379   INGRA M.E. d.o.o.       Additional works on rehabilitation of HPS Haditha
376 Hidro gen. HE Dokan Kurd. 5x80000 10500 Electrotyazhmash Generator vibrations elimination
375 Hidro gen. HE Hadita Iraq 110000 15750 Končar Works on generating set 1
359 Hidro gen. HE Hadita Iraq 110000 15750 Končar Winding repair on generator 1
346 Turbo gen SCP Iraq 20000 6600 BBC Refurbishment of steam turbo generating sets