About us

The basic principle of the MGS's business activity is to cooperate with expert companies specialized in this field to determine the optimal approach to a machine. MGS's knowledge and experience will enable every inspection or overhaul to be considered complexly, and to give our Customer a clear insight into his machine status.

After finishing the electric machine installation and its commissioning, care about it must not stop. Ensuring its operating readiness, reliability and a long working life are the main reasons to perform regular maintenance through inspections, services and overhauls. Using new technologies and materials, it is possible to modernize a machine, aiming at the increases in its efficiency and long working life, while regular inspections, services and overhauls are providing the maximal efficiency.

The electric machine maintenance aiming to achieve the mentioned requirements is a complex job to do. The knowledge, experience, technology, equipment and organization are the key conditions for quality performing of this job and fulfilment of all the Customer’s needs.

If your electric machine needs professional maintenance, overhaul or modernization, works done to be guaranteed by years-long international working experience, MG Servis is the company that will fulfill even the most complex requests.

The MG Servis d.o.o. company was established in 1994. The company founders were professionals with over 40 years of theoretic and practical experience in the field of problem solving in energy plants, designing of turbo- and hydro-generating sets and high voltage electric motors. The main users of company services are energy plants (thermal- and hydroelectric power plants), process industry plants (petrochemical, paper, etc.).

From the very establishing of the MG Servis company, its business orientation has been problem identification, cause identification and determination of the methods to solve them.

With its knowledge and experience, the company's Technical Department may offer a complete service in the field of electric machinery maintenance. Preparing of bids, contracting, making of quality plans, drafting of documentation, procurement of parts, preparing of schedules and monitoring of works are supervised by the engineering staff. The company has particular experience with electric power plants that were flooded.

Executing the field works, as well as parts manufacturing are entrusted to our highly qualified workers having years-long working experience in our business activities.

The entire business activity is carried out according to the ISO 9001:2008 Certificate, which MG Servis obtained in 1998.

By the beginning of 2011, the company expanded the quality management system with the environment management system. In that way, the company’s business activity is carried out through an integrated quality and environment management system, and on June 6, 2011, all the requirements set in the ISO 14001:2004 standard were fulfilled. By the end of 2014, a decision was made to supplement the management and environmental care system already implemented with the workers' health care and safety system OHSAS 18001:2007, so that the overall business activity was raised to a new level.

Our knowledge, experience, quality, completion terms, as well as affordable prices are the best warranty for properly completed works and Customer’s satisfaction.


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